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Artificial Intelligence

Scientific Perspectives on AI

Artificial intelligence is developed by humans and for humans. Yet, where are the potentials of AI? How do humans work with machines? And how can we take away our fear of AI? International scholars and scientists have answers to these questions.

Prof.Dr. John Zysman, professor of political science, University of California, Berkeley on the potentials of AI in the working environment:

Olaf Groth, Ph.D., Global Professor of Management, Strategy, Innovation & Economics and the Discipline Lead for Strategy, Innovation & Economics at Hult International Business School and CEO of on dealing with new technologies:

Prof. Dr. Katharina Zweig, Professor in computer science and director of the lab "Algorithm Accountability Lab" TU Kaiserslautern on the fear of AI:

Dr. Janina Loh, Postdoc in philosophy for media and technology, University Wien about the partnership between humans and machines:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Beschorner, professor and director of the institute for economic ethics, University St. Gallen about the participation in the online consultation process:

Published on 15 Nov 2020 on the topic: Artificial Intelligence

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