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Artificial Intelligence

Scientific Perspectives on AI

Published on 01 Dec 2020

In the following video statements, scholars and scientists provide information on the current discourse surrounding the area of artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence is developed by humans and for humans. Yet, where are the potentials of AI? How do humans work with machines? And how can we take away our fear of AI? International scholars and scientists have answers to these questions.

Prof. Dr John Zysman, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, on the potentials of AI in the working world

Olaf Groth, PhD, Director for Digital Futures at Hult International Business School and CEO at Cambrian Futures on dealing with new technologies

Prof. Dr Katharina Zweig, Head of the Algorithm Accountability Lab in the Department of Computer Science, TU Kaiserslautern, on fear of AI

Dr Janina Loh, Ethicist and Chair of the Ethics Committee at Stiftung Liebenau on the human-machine partnership

Prof. Dr Thomas Beschorner, Professor for Business Ethics and Director of the Institute for Business Ethics, University of St.Gallen, on the participation process with respect to AI strategy