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Civic Innovation Platform

Social innovations only come about through collaboration

Published on 21 Aug 2020

What does civic innovation mean and why is impetus from civil society crucial for the Civic Innovation Platform?

The Civic Innovation Platform aims to use technological innovation based on AI applications for the benefit of society as a whole.

We define civic innovation as innovation processes whose impetus comes from society and which aim to improve general living conditions. At the same time, the concept links different issues: What is needed for successful collaborative technology design and deployment? Which unresolved social needs are there? Which new technological applications could contribute to a solution?

This is where the Civic Innovation Platform steps in: with this online platform, we want to specifically include people from different disciplines, industries and areas in efforts to address these issues and to bring these people into contact with each other – openly, on a level playing field and with the aim of developing viable solutions.

The interaction of citizens, associations, companies and organisations will produce a pool of technical and social skills covering such aspects as a precise awareness of the actual needs, creative ideas, methodological knowledge and technological expertise. In this way, it is possible to develop and implement innovative solutions that address actual demands.