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Civic Innovation Platform

With the Civic Innovation Platform, the Denkfabrik Digital Work Society promotes the partnership-based development of AI applications oriented toward the common good. The goal is innovations that serve social progress and improve the work and lives of many people.

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Civic Innovation Platform

With the Civic Innovation Platform, the Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society is promoting the collaborative development of AI applications geared to the common good. The aim is to come up with innovations that advance social progress and improve working and living conditions for many people.

The project not only provides funding but also promotes networking, collaboration and mutual advice. Looking further down the road, the Civic Innovation Platform – in its role as an element of the national AI strategy – wants to contribute to giving citizens a greater understanding of digital technologies and particularly artificial intelligence. The online platform is aiming to demonstrate the potential that AI has for society and sees itself as a building block in a growing AI ecosystem for the common good.