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Why has the Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society been established?

The Work 4.0 Dialogue Process has shown that the digital transformation requires networks and collaborations that do not currently exist. This is where the Policy Lab comes into play.

The Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society as the Federal Ministry’s very own Experimentierraum arose from the Work 4.0 Dialogue Process held by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Up to the end of 2016, experts and the general public were both asked to re-imagine the concept of work and develop recommendations for the design of a digital world of work. The explicit aim of the dialogue process was to discuss the social conditions and ground rules necessary for good working practices in a digital labour market. The main focus was always placed on the question of how technological progress can also be turned into social progress.

The results can be found in the White Paper Work 4.0. However, the white paper also highlights the limitations of existing structures. Many of the challenges identified require new networks and collaborations to be developed in which institutions, players and political echelons network with one another. However, there has been too little interaction between these groups or they have worked on different levels up to now. These challenges also require a willingness to think together in new ways and develop new social compromises.