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  • Jan 2019

    Beyond Hype and Despair: Developing Healthy Communities in the Era of Intelligent Tools - pdf | 2 MB

    John Zysman, Martin Kenney, Laura Tyson

    There is much we do not know and cannot know about the socioeconomic impacts of intelligent machines. The impacts will be driven by business strategies that differ by sector and country. “Good jobs” strategies are possible. It is important to identify and strengthen the factors, including policies, that encourage them. Demographics will certainly affect the outcomes. Powerfully and importantly, the narratives about the benefits and costs of the technologies will affect the speed and breadth of the deployment of intelligent tools.

    Policy Brief

    Künstliche Intelligenz

  • Jun 2018

    Work in the digital age: Challenges of the fourth industrial revolution - pdf | 380 KB

    Michael Schönstein,  Sven Rahner

    The authors discuss challenges to the German model of coordinated market economy. They look at the increasing dichotomy between jobs and income, the conflict between humans and machines and between work and leisure and address policy options to resolve these conflicts. The article is part of a larger volume comparing practices and discourses in Europe through a series of country-specific case studies.

    Working Paper

    Arbeitsgesellschaft 2040