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Platform economy

Throughout the last few years, the increased presence of online-platforms in everyday life has become more and more evident. The variety of the services offered on platforms ranges from close to home services, handyman services, babysitting, house cleaning, all the way to the writing or translation of text, or from the classification of information all the way to services from highly specialized fields such as engineering, design, or programming. The topic of platform work is not a phenomenon exclusive to Germany. Extending out of the USA, there is currently a global platform economy developing.

The Policy Lab: Digital, Work and Society has occupied itself with this comparatively new phenomenon within the broader digital transformation, which is technologically, economically and socially driven. This phenomenon's economic, organizational, labour and socio-political ramifications raises questions of the same respective order. Thus the Policy Lab, with the help of external perspectives, is developing policy avenues to guarantee "good work" in the platform economy.


Graphic Recording
Workspace from bird's eye perspective.
Bicycle Messenger.