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Artificial Intelligence

Intelligente Verkehrslenkung, Ridesharing, Playlisten auf Streamingdiensten, Onlinedating- oder Jobsharing-Plattformen: Für viele von uns ist Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) ein fester Bestandteil unseres Alltags – ohne dass es uns bewusst ist.

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Artificial Intelligence

Smart traffic, ridesharing, online dating, personalized playlists on streaming platforms, or job sharing platforms: For most of us, artificial intelligence (AI) is already a part of our daily lives, although we may not be aware of it. Nonetheless, the discourse about AI is often abstract and raises numerous questions regarding ethics, culture, law, and society.

In addition, the new technology will also see increasing application at work. It is transforming job tasks, the organization and the content of work. The Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society aims to proactively promote the approach of a human-centred development and usage of AI in the world of work. It takes on an active role in AI’s implementation within the broader discourse by observing and analysing developments, and promoting the social aspects of the development and application of technology.