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Platform on the Digital World of Work

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Identify the need for action in business and policymaking and develop solutions: These are the tasks facing the platform on the digital world of work (Plattform Digitale Arbeitswelt”).

The Digital Summit was held in Nuremberg on 3 and 4 December 2018. The Digital Summit is the central forum for collaboration between policymakers, business and industry, science and research, and society in shaping the digital transformation. It is coupled with a year-round process. The thematic groundwork takes place in ten platforms that address the action areas set out in the Digital Agenda and develop concrete recommendations for action. The platform on the digital world of work falls under the mandate of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and its management has been assumed by the Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society.

The aim of the platform is to foster debate on digitalisation-related topics and measures at BMAS and produce recommendations for action – in areas such as work organisation, skills development and systematic human resources development. Particular focus is placed on best-practice examples in individual organisations and their presentation. The results of work currently underway will be presented at the Digital Summit.

The platform comprises 29 high-ranking members from science and research, business and industry, employer/industry associations and the unions. Social partners and other associations are also involved. Below the platform level, focus groups address specific topics. The focus group on artificial intelligence in the world of work was the first to begin its work.

The platform’s three predecessor focus groups have published comprehensive collections of practical examples for companies along with action recommendations for policymakers. These address the topics of health and participation, further education and training, and flexible work arrangements and locations. Using examples from business practice, the focus groups show what quality jobs can look like with regard to these thematic areas. BMAS took up their recommendations, for example, for the Work 4.0 Dialogue Process.

Published at 11/30/2018 on the topic: #Artificial Intelligence

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