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Participation in the online consultation process

Formulation of the AI strategy was paralleled by a comprehensive consultation process with national associations, organisations and institutions.

The AI Strategy was paralleled by an online consultation process involving 109 national companies, associations, organisations and institutions. As well as the input from the consultation process, the AI strategy also incorporates ideas and suggestions from a total of six expert forums.

While the submissions relate to the individual fields of action, AI is also seen to have cross-cutting potential for society as a whole: Higher productivity is combined with improvements in employee wellbeing, as repetitive or hazardous tasks can be given over to machines while people focus on creative problem-solving. The consultation process highlighted in particular the prominent role of the social partners and of employee participation in implementing AI in the workplace.

As the discourse is partly influenced by ignorance and fears, nearly all comments also stress the need for comprehensive information and education about the opportunities and the huge potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

There was widespread approval for the idea of a funding programme for workplace AI applications to be tested in workplace-based innovation spaces with the support of the social partners and with scientific evaluation.

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Published at 11/12/2018 on the topic: Artificial Intelligence

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