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Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence in the World of Work

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What does AI mean for companies and their employees? This is a question that the focus group on artificial intelligence in the world of work is addressing on behalf of BMAS.

AI is the order of the day. That is why the platform for the digital world of work established a focus group on artificial intelligence in the world of work in October 2018, which is chaired by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the German Metal Workers Union (IG Metall). The reasoning behind the creation of the focus group on artificial intelligence in the world of work is the goal of bringing together the technological dimension of AI with business and societal perspectives, and to answer one very concrete question: What can be the trajectory of AI towards human and user-centred application at the workplace?

A special characteristic of the focus group is its social partnership and interdisciplinary approach. Policy-makers, researchers and practitioners are closely working together in the focus group, learning more about AI in the world of work from practical examples and discussing recommendations for how to deploy AI in everyday working life. The focus will be on topics such as the social partnership in the context of AI, data protection, ethical questions and last but not least regulation and certification of AI. Furthermore, the focus group aims to share in international perspectives.

The focus group is composed of roughly 30 members and meets in different locations at regular intervals. During learning journeys, the participants aim to gain insights into the practical effects of AI in the world of work. The focus group is steered by the Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society. As with the platform for the digital world of work, the IG Metall acts as the co-chair of the focus group.

Learning Journey to Frankfurt am Main on 9.4.19

Published at 11/30/2018 on the topic: #Artificial Intelligence

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