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The ‘AI is what we make it!’ idea contest

With the idea contest, the Civic Innovation Platform is providing financial support for project ideas developed in a partnership. What are the prerequisites for receiving funding and who can apply?

With the Civic Innovation Platform, the Policy Lab wants to promote AI applications that are developed for the benefit of the common good by networking people from different areas and industries and enabling them to work together. Accordingly, the ‘AI is what we make it!’ idea contest is targeted at numerous people. These include developers from start-ups as well as representatives of local government, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and administration. Participants from trade unions, socio-political organisations and associations as well as private individuals are also welcome to participate.

The ideas can take different angles: the question as to how AI-based solutions can help solve existing social challenges is just as conceivable as the opposite approach, namely what social issues can be addressed using solutions that have already been developed? Or how can existing data pools help to completely reorganise processes?

To meet the requirements of the idea contest, the project ideas must always have clear relevance for the agenda being pursued by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. This relevance and the existence of a cross-sector project partnership (e.g. made up of a local authority and a start-up) form the basic prerequisites for taking part in the contest. A maximum of 15 project ideas per round will be awarded an amount of up to 20,000 euros each.

In addition, the award-winners will receive non-financial support in the form of workshops and recommendations for turning their ideas into a viable application. In this way, the idea contest closes a gap in the existing funding system.

Published on 22 Aug 2020 on the topic: Civic Innovation Platform

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