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Night Shift

Discussion on the topic of media


Wednesday, 19. February 2020, 18:00 - 20:00 o'clock


Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Wilhelmstraße 49, 10117 Berlin

The word Denkfabrik

The Future of the new Media Landscapes


Social media formats have already overtaken television as means of media consumption and opened up new audiences; job profiles such as “Social-Media-Manager” or “influencer” attest that the transformation is not only found in everyday life but can also be found in the working world. The newfound internal competition and power dynamics that have emerged within the media sector are supposed to be resolved in 2020 through the signing of a new state media treaty. However, how can opinion formation be safeguarded given the prevalence of individualized streaming and the use of social-bots? What functions can public offerings provide within the new media landscape? Who sets the rules for social media platforms, search machines, and streaming services, and is a communications and content platform necessary on the European level? The fourth Night Shift addresses the topic of the Media and its effects on the future democratic foundations of society at centre stage.

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