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Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society Fellowship Programme

The Policy Lab’s Fellowship Programme, launched in September 2021, gives up-and-coming scientists the opportunity to do research on topics concerning aspects of the digital transformation.

Shaping the future is a complex social process that involves many stakeholders. The Policy Lab is firmly engaged in the debates and discourse conducted among the scientific sphere, practitioners, organisations, associations, institutions and the general public. Most notably, a recurring dialogue with scientists is not only essential for developing realistic future scenarios but also for shaping new rules and true-to-life answers to the challenges digitalisation poses.

The Fellowship Programme that started with the initial fellows in September 2021 aims to contribute to making the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs open to new ideas. As part of its research fellowship, the Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society provides doctoral candidates and post-doctoral students with the chance to research aspects of the digital transformation that will play a decisive role in Work & Society 2040. The medium- to long-term intention for the programme is for it to  grow in size and scope, including gaining an international dimension.

The Policy Lab’s main topics serve as the content frame of reference; the Fellowship Programme, however, definitely encourages researching into marginal topics. At the outset of the programme, the main emphasis is on projects researching the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in work and social services.

The first two fellows have started their research projects in September 2021 and will report on their projects in various formats. The Policy Lab calls for papers once a year via its website.

  • Mareike Winkler

    Research Fellow at the Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society

    Mareike Winkler pursues a doctorate at the Institute for Social Sciences at Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. Subject of her research project: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in public administration – evidence-based examinations of shaping and implementing AI-supported systems in labour administration and social administration.

  • Sonja Köhne

    Research Fellow at the Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society

    Sonja Köhne is a postdoctoral associate in the Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society research group at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society. In her research project From advertising promise to resistance? On the power of (personal) data in Germany, she examines the risks and potential of AI in human resources management.

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